Our Ecosystem

Global trade is at the heart of CCE’s ecosystem. CCE introduces exciting new options to increase trade and reduce costs. CCE facilitates trades between vendors and buyers, reducing the cost of trade and ensuring efficient handling of payments. Buyers and sellers can buy and sell on the blockchain in a transparent and open manner within the CCE ecosystem - a trading system utilizing CCECOIN - soon to be promoted within the region.

But, more than just providing general support for business growth throughout the region and facilitating trades with CCECOIN, CCE is actively developing an extensive community of buyers and sellers by implementing a direct sales model in specific luxury food markets - further reducing the cost of the supply chain for these markets.

CCE has a divergent range of investments and business interests, largely situated throughout the South East Asia region, and has worked at both the government level, and with assorted business associations throughout the region. A key developing business area of the CCE business is to encourage and foster continued business growth throughout the South East Asia region by implementing a trading network between local vendors and assorted clients, with vested interests in the exotic durian fruit market, and the luxury bird nest production.

Two lucrative business sectors in the South East Asia region, that have an unmet demand, are those businesses operating both within the exotic durian fruit growers market, and the area of the supply of bird nests - a luxury edible product, highly sought after by the wealthy situated throughout China, and associated regions. These products are sold on the luxury markets throughout Asia and provide significant opportunities for CCE. CCE is actively building a community of buyers and sellers within the area of these closed-market high-value items using the CCE token to assist buyers to directly trade with durian farmers and bird nest harvesters; bringing enhanced value to local markets, promoting growth, and solidifying the CCECOIN as the preferred medium of exchange.

CCE has established the CCE International Durian Lover’s Club, and has interests in vertical food farming, which provides a healthy source of income for CCE. This income is also complimented by CCE’s further streams of revenue earned through interests in energy derivatives and interests in oil and petroleum products. CCE invests 10% of annual profits into a reserve to enhance the value of the CCECOIN. A further 10% of CCE profit is allocated to charity activities which involve the growth of decentralized dialysis centres; based in the local countries where club members and member merchants reside. We value and support local communities and intend for CCE to evolve into a strong trading medium with a high public acceptance rating. The number of CCECOINs issued is finite.

CCE is invested heavily in both the exotic durian fruit industry and the luxury birds nest markets. The widely anticipated CCECOIN ICO is fast approaching, and this will position CCE to further invest within these sectors. To best understand how the blockchain and smart contracts work, let's take time to focus on how CCE integrates its business interests with the soon-to-launch Southeast-Asia ecosystem.


The modernization of the durian sales channel has made little progress in recent years. Large wholesalers seek to fix the market price with contract growers at the beginning of the season. The tier-one wholesalers sub-contract with tier two wholesalers, which naturally lengthens the channel, with final distribution made to the retailer and consumer. The issues of distribution and pricing are mainly controlled by the wholesalers - particularly the large corporates. The downside of this model is that farmers are ultimately receiving discounted pricing, as excess profit is spread through the supply chain.

The shelf life of the fresh durian is very short, and due to inefficient distribution models currently in place, there is often wastage resulting in high prices - which affects demand. However, even with high prices present in the market, farmers may not be enjoying their fair cut of the cake. During high volume seasons, depending on the distribution contracts in play, excess durian is sold to durian processors at deeply discounted prices. This excess durian is frozen then converted into paste or pulp and sold to assorted product manufacturers as a flavor ingredient, but rarely results in a financial windfall by farmers.


Our objective at CCE is to create a long-term durian ecosystem by using blockchain technology to promote the planting of durian, the use of durian as a processed ingredient, the distribution, and finally, the consumption of this great fruit. Our goal is to bring all parties together in a fully decentralized and transparent market - the CCE ecosystem - utilizing peer to peer trades using CCECOIN as the medium of exchange for payments.

The ecosystem is not only solely focused on just bringing together those working within the durian market - but is built to appeal to the wider South East Asia market. Merchants and buyers are able to freely engage within the ecosystem, promoting a wide range of local goods and services - using CCECOIN as a facilitator for exchange and payment.

Further, CCE has developed Durian Clubs - a place to promote durian as a whole - working with famers in a consulting role, increasing production, engaging the market directly on a wholesale level, and running durian festivals for lovers of durian fruits. The club offers on-site annual eat-all-you-can festivities and even offers buy-a-tree, where the purchaser can eat fruit during the annual fruit seasons, and also enjoy the financial rewards received from the sale of the fruit - for 25 years!


An ecosystem is simply another name for a trading platform, however, with an additional emphasis on ongoing added value being received by the various participating members. CCE is developing a powerful ecosystem for the Southeast Asian market that engages members, in general, to offer their assorted goods and services to other members of the ecosystem. However, a special emphasis exists to facilitate both the durian and birds nest markets.

As an example, the CCE ecosystem offers the durian lover and the durian trader a platform whereby they can come together to buy, sell and trade durians - the KING OF FRUITS - cutting out the middleman; resulting in better prices for all. Imagine being able to buy and sell durians from all over the entire South East Asia region on a single platform with a common currency - the CCECOIN!

We believe that blockchain technology, with smart contracts, is the core engine for the long-term development of the durian industry. Smart contracts written in Ethereum Solidity, recorded on the decentralized ledger, and facilitated by the exchange of CCECOIN - a token which which fully complies with the ERC-20 standard, brings the centuries old durian trade format into the future. Take for example the current supply of durian fruit - which can only meet about 50% of total demand. Durian demand is assessed to be about one million tons per year. This translates to an annual market of about US$5 billion dollars. Currently, only 50% of this demand can be satisfied - leaving a US$2.5 billion dollar opportunity on the table. The CCE ecosystem seeks to bring the somewhat disconnected markets together to balance this disconnect between demand and supply.

Built with blockchain technology at heart, CCE causes us to re-think the way the wholesale process should be organized. Smart contracts support safe-trade - forcing obsolete processes to become redundant, while embracing a decentralization trading model - benefitting all - farmers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers, with a very real opportunity to increase the overall supply of durian.


The CCE ecosystem allows farmers, or groups of farmers, to engage directly with the market, enjoying maximum pricing, and with more than 500 types of durian throughout Asia, and countless uses of durian as a flavor ingredient, there are significant opportunities in the market.

Durian Clubs is aware of this, and is positioning to perform as a major durian wholesaler, however, in order to increase global durian trade, the ecosystem has been opened to all. Durian farmers, small and large, now have the opportunity to forge direct connections with wholesale buyers. A shorter channel, a more efficient channel, easy to trade CCECOIN on a burgeoning ecosystem increases profits and brings benefits to all.

When rapid price movements occur in the market, or when supply falls outside of seasonal norms, the ecosystem allows rapid disbursement of this information, allowing key parties to connect and cement deals in real time - bringing efficiencies to the market, ensuring all parties benefit.

The ecosystem allows durian farmers to sell inter-regionally, or cross-border. For example, Vietnamese durian farmers can connect with ease with Singapore buyers, and Malaysian growers can deal direct with Chinese buyers, or processors. Removing multiple middlemen directly results in significant cost savings in the supply chain.

Benefits are gained by all - growers ultimately earn higher prices, and end-users or consumers enjoy reduced prices. Distribution becomes more efficient, thereby improving the delivered quality of the fruit. Peer to peer trade is facilitated with trades being completed with CCECOIN. The CCE Ecosystem seeks to assist to increase the annual South East Asian region trade as a whole, with an emphasis on durian supply, and niche items such as luxury bird nests.


Using Peer-to-peer trades with CCECOIN is made fully safe with CCE providing, for a period of time, an assurance, by way of smart contract, to the farmers or merchants on our block chain when using the CCECOIN. A guarantee is provided, during a short window of time, to ensure the CCECOIN is able to be converted to fiat currency without loss.