CCECOIN is disrupting one of the most expensive supplements utilizing Blockchain technology

There are now thousands of tokens listed on numerous exchanges worldwide. However, after initial ICOs (initial coin offers), very few tokens are supported by an underlying ecosystem, or related trading platform - specifically facilitating and promoting the use of such tokens as a medium of exchange. Two lucrative business sectors in the Southeast Asia region, that have an unmet demand, are those businesses operating both within the exotic durian fruit growers market, and the area of the supply of bird nests - a luxury edible product, highly sought after by the wealthy situated throughout China, and associated regions.

These products are sold on the luxury markets throughout Asia and provide significant opportunities for CCE. CCE is actively building a community of buyers and sellers within the area of these closed-market high-value items using the CCE token to assist buyers to directly trade with durian farmers and bird nest harvesters; bringing enhanced value to local markets, promoting growth, and solidifying the CCECOIN as the preferred medium of exchange.


CCE embraces the cryptocurrency community with a HUGE giveaway of CCECOIN. Why would CCECOIN give away potentially tens of millions of dollars of future value to the community? It's all about rewarding early adopters and building our international ecosystem and community.

What we are giving away - 10 FREE CCECOINS. Once the allotted amount of coins are given out you'll have to wait for our PRE-ICO - scheduled for release in the not too distant future.

Southeast Asia soon to launch a powerful new cryptocurrency


Coastal Crescent Energy ('CCE'), a Hong Kong investment and trading company, announces CCE COIN - a powerful new cryptocurrency to be released to the market in the coming months by way of an ICO.

CCE has a well estabished trading network throughout the Southeast Asia region, and has developed close working relationships with regional government departments and local trading associations, and furthermore, has direct business interests in the exotic durian fruit markets and the Asian delicacy birds nest industry. With a goal of both promoting and facilitating business transactions in the wider region, CCE has developed a powerful trading platform, with payments able to made between merchants and buyers with CCE COIN.